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SC Major Cargo SRL



Phone No: +40752 139 499

Email: comenzi@chingi-premium.ro

Online shop: www.chingi-premium.ro 

We, at Major Cargo, wish to satisfy every clients' needs when it comes to safely securing shipments and that is why we intend to keep up with Safety regulations and Cargo Carriers all over Europe.

The reliability of our products is a certainty and the customers that follow the use and maintenance recommendations of the manufacturers for each product that we sell, will enjoy them on the long term in a guaranteed harmony. 
Our mission is to ensure a wide range of truck accessories, to prove that we are a serious, trustworthy supplier and to convince through "mouth to mouth" advertisement of the satisfied customers. 

"Transportation safety has to be palpable! Our products are of best quality, the team is always ready to ensure customers' support and the delivery of our products is always fast and safe. What you see is what you get, guaranteed!"

Cosmin Major,


Customers Testimonies:

"I have equipped my 2 trucks at the begginning of this month. The products are of good quality and in my case I had the benefit of a payment deadline. The personnel was nice and the delivery was prompt, without unpleasant surprises. I will return with pleasure whenever I need to."

Claudiu P., Wednesday, July 12th 2017

"I bought 15 Ergo lashing belts. I am very satisfied of the fast delivery and of the professionalism of the Major Cargo team. The products were on sale and are of very good quality. I have also received a quality and warranty certificate.

I recommend them!"

Ioan Berariu, Tuesday, January 17th 2017